We specialize in Toronto car window detailing in addition to car shampoo & Wax. Our experienced staff specializes in repair and replacement of auto glass & windshield in addition to stone chip repair. We work with all insurance company. We guarantee our work for windshield and auto glass. If you are searching for car detailing and auto glass repair in the Toronto or surrounding Vaughan, Concord, Etobicoke or Richmond Hill, we would enjoy assisting you. If you are in need of Auto Glass in Maple, Woodbridge, Thornhill, Markham or surrounding areas of Ontario, Canada, we can help.

Car Detailing

Five Steps to keep your car looking its best.

1. Avoid scratches as much as possible
We start with scratches. Why? Because they are the biggest enemy to your car's finish. And avoiding scratches is the secret to keeping your car looking good. Dirt and grime, rubbed in while washing or drying, will act like sandpaper and dull your car's paint. There is one basic rule which will guide you whenever you touch the surface of your automobile:
Anything that comes in contact with your car's finish should be soft.

2. As much as possible, protect your cars finish from the elements.
This means storing the car in a garage or covered area. Also, the use of a car cover is highly recommended. A car that is constantly exposed to sunlight and other environmental hazards will deteriorate quicker and require significantly more cosmetic maintenance.

3. Always keep a good coat of wax or paint sealant on the car.
In addition to providing gloss and depth, wax will also protect your car from the elements, including sunlight and many other circumstances that you will encounter, from bug carcasses to bird droppings.

4. Be aware of your car's finish.
Make regular quick inspections of your cars surface a habit. Look it over and note its condition, keeping in mind its recent history and what you anticipate will happen in the future.

5. Make a habit of detailing your car.
In most cases, washing your car once a month is adequate. Once every two weeks is better and necessary if the car is subject to harsh conditions.

Your car will be carefully washed to remove all dirt and grime.
All carpets and mats get vacuumed.  If needed, seats and carpeting is shampooed.
Professional cleaners are used that will effectively remove oxidation, minor scratches and swirl marks.
All interior trim, dashboard, gauges, etc. get cleaned.  Leather seats are cleaned using special products designed for leather.  All interior cleaners will protect against the suns rays.  All air vents, consoles, and compartments are blown out with an air gun.
Polishing rejuvenates your car's paint surface, actually enhancing the gloss of the paint while creating a wet-look shine.  Polishing also improves the health of the finish by restoring vital oils to the paint.
The interior door jams and surrounding areas get cleaned and polished.  Windows are also cleaned including interior mirrors.  Trunk is vacuumed out.
Using wax will give your car's paint finish the ultimate high gloss shine and protection from environmental damage.


Professional products especially made for exterior vinyl, hard rubber and plastic are used to clean and protect these surfaces.  Wheels and tires are also cleaned with a special protectant.


Engine Shampoo
If needed we shampoo your engine to get rid of the dust, dirt, leaves and other material that have been sitting some places that might interfere with your engine performance lke vent or spark plug or electric wire and so on. We give your engine a total new look and reduce the possible unnecessary work on your engine in future.
In other words, the vehicle is like a baby that will take care of themselves but you have to look after then every once in a while and we do it for you and we do it good