We specialize in Toronto car window detailing in addition to car shampoo & Wax. Our experienced staff specializes in repair and replacement of auto glass & windshield in addition to stone chip repair. We work with all insurance company. We guarantee our work for windshield and auto glass. If you are searching for car detailing and auto glass repair in the Toronto or surrounding Vaughan, Concord, Etobicoke or Richmond Hill, we would enjoy assisting you. If you are in need of Auto Glass in Maple, Woodbridge, Thornhill, Markham or surrounding areas of Ontario, Canada, we can help.

Auto Tinting

At Toronto based X Window Tinting and Solar Film, we promise you convenience, safety, experience, quality and ultimately Customer Satisfaction. Whether you are purchasing Car Window Tinting, Commercial Window Tinting or Residential - Home Window Tinting, we have the experience you are looking for after being in the industry for over 20 years.

Our Toronto Auto Window Tinting facility near Vaughan is top of the line and our technicians are professionally trained to guarantee your satisfaction. Customer Service Representatives will be pleased to help you with any questions you may have. We distribute sunshield solar window film for automotive, commercial, safety & security. We offer it in reflective, non reflective and many more varieties, in addition to many colors such as charcoal, Silver, Frost, Silver Frost, Gold, Gray, Smoke and Green. We also offer different levels of darkness.
Automotive Films
Designed to enhance the appearance of your car or truck, provide the privacy you need and more importantly, protect your skin from dangerous UV rays and protect the passenger from flying glass fragments in case of an accident.

Auto tinting keep you cool in summer and warm in winter

Non Reflective
Two Tone

Head light protection
By using head light protection you will never have to replace your expensive head light or fog light again.
Did you know that there is strong urethane muetual coupled with optically clear adhesive that apply to your vehicle head light or fog light with maximum durability with cover them against perils of the open road. This durable material has been used for many years by military & NASCAR race team. Comparing the cost of exchanging an expensive head light to this protection kit is a pinot. We do install and sell these films (tint), these tints comes in different color like smoke, charcoal, blue, yellow, red, gunsmoke, and clear tint. These tints protect your lens against rocks and debries from the road, it also protects against yellowish cost on the covers, and gives your headlight and tail light a new look.

Headlight Headlight cover
Headlight Headlight cover

Your Car Type
Quite simply, some cars are harder to tint than others. When getting a price quote, a Tint Shop always asks you for the make and model of your car. This isn't to see how much money you have and charge you up the wazoo. (Sometimes it is with less reputable tinters) Tinters know which cars take more time to tint properly. Additionally, each additional square foot of window on your vehicle requires more window film to tint. This makes tinting a SUV or station wagons cost more than sedans.

Type of Tinting
Film Just like comparing a Yugo to a Porsche, there are wide performance and cost differences in tinting film. The cheapest tinting film can be many times less in price than more expensive film, but you get what you pay for. Cheap film may look good at the beginning, but they can fail to block the summer heat, fade, turn purple, or bubble soon after installation. Higher quality window film such as fully-metallized sputtered or deposition window films offer both advanced performance and a lifetime warranty. These films are usually worth the higher price.

Performance Warranty
You are highly encouraged to ask about the Performance Warranty before you pay for tinting services from anybody. Typically these Warranty's can last from as little as 1 year to a Lifetime. Not all Warrantees are created equal! Most warrantees only cover problems such as cracking, glazing, bubbling, and peeling. Some films carry a "Color-Safe Warranty" that gives you peace of mind that if the color of your tint ever changes, it will be replaced. The best warrantees are "Transferable" which allow you to transfer the warranty to another person when you sell the car. This adds permanent value to your car. Be Careful! Irresponsible tint shops can also offer "Lifetime Warrantees"; however, if they go out of business next year, who is there to replace your bubbling tint? You should always factor in this "hidden" cost when buying low priced car tint.

Dealer's Reputation
Reputable Tint Shops take great pride in their work. They have high standards in who they hire, the film they use, and overall customer service and experience. Naturally, this increases the cost for them to do business, and they charge more as a result. To make sure you are talking to a quality dealer, ask these questions to your tint shop .