We specialize in Toronto car window detailing in addition to car shampoo & Wax. Our experienced staff specializes in repair and replacement of auto glass & windshield in addition to stone chip repair. We work with all insurance company. We guarantee our work for windshield and auto glass. If you are searching for car detailing and auto glass repair in the Toronto or surrounding Vaughan, Concord, Etobicoke or Richmond Hill, we would enjoy assisting you. If you are in need of Auto Glass in Maple, Woodbridge, Thornhill, Markham or surrounding areas of Ontario, Canada, we can help.

School of Tinting

At X Window Tinting, we offer Car Window Tinting Training for those who wish to start their own business in window tinting.  Our Toronto area facility serves entrepreneurs worldwide, including those around Toronto in Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and surrounding Ontario locations.

As an experienced Window Tinting Company that offers Window Tinting Training, choosing the right film for Auto, Commercial and Safety doesn’t have to be confusing.  We always provide information about the film that is best for you. Please don’t hesitate to email us, phone or fax. Our expert staff will be glad to assist you.

We also distribute Sunshield solar control Window Film for Auto Window Tinting, Residential Window Tinting, commercial and safety & security applications.  We carry reflective and non-reflective, metallic and many additional varieties in an array of colors and darkness’s, including charcoal, gold, smoke, gray, bronze, silver, blue, frost, silver frost, two-tone, etc.

We also offer Rust Proofing and Auto Detailing for vehicles.  If you are searching for a place to do multiple projects at once, we would enjoy assisting you with your tinting, detailing or rust proofing needs.

Six-Day Hands-on Program For Success!

You have come to the right place for Window Tinting Training. Our six-day Window Tinting School schedule provides plenty of time to become familiar with all different types of installations on side windows and rear windows. With a limit of two to three students per class we are able to customize our training to meet your needs. Our past students have included many new to the industry as well as several who attended to improve on existing skills. Our Toronto, Ontario, Canada area window tinting school is easily accessible from anywhere on the East Coast and is feasible from most of Canada and the United States.

The six-day schedule provides plenty of time to become familiar with all different types of installations on side windows and rear windows. With a limit of two to three students per class we are able to customize our training to meet your needs. Our past students have included many new to the industry as well as several who attended to improve on existing skills.

classroom window tinting

We will teach you everything from the scratch
» Cleaning the windows
» How to handle the film
» How to lay it down to the glass
» Cutting the film
» How to apply film to the rear glass/ door glass
» How to shrink the film to mould it to the shape of back glass
» Installing them

But there is a lot more trick and detail which you will learn during the one week course.

Now look at some facts about how cheap this training is and how much time and money you have to spend.
Assume you are coming to our school from California (USA)

The return ticket will be around:
One week stay in hotel:
Food and other expenses:
One week training courses:
Total expenses:

Don't forget that with training courses you will get 3 rolls of film with all the necessary tools to immediately start your own business. With the 3 rolls of film you can tint atleast 12 cars. Average each earning per car is $180, which will generate the income of $2160.

Do not forget this is for someone who comes from another country/state. If you are a local resident you donot have to spend money for ticket and hotel. You will spend only $1200. Within one week you will have your own business, or if you want to work for others, we will hire you.

I don't think there is any other business with this low investment and high earning. Just think about it.

You could be making $400 a day or more tinting windows. Look at these numbers...

The average price to tint a car is: $180.00
Your material costs are up to: $ 25.00
Your profit on each car is: $155.00

Now, let's take this a little further...
Here is a hypothetical scenario. And I strongly suggest that you go through this process with any business venture you may be considering. I based annual earnings on a 52 week work year.

Based on making $155 for every car look at your potential with this business:

Cars per Day
Earnings Per Week
Earnings per Year


• Micro edging and the new shaved borderless edge for a factory look
• Cutting and installing patterns for an exact fit on door and rear side windows
• Cutting and installing basic windows without using a pattern
• Overcoming obstacles on windows that pop open and close with hinges
• How to install side windows perfectly without removing door panels
• Proper edge sealing to prevent window tint from peeling
• Cleaning methods to save you time and give you excellent results


• Wet and dry powder shrinking for installing curved rear windows is one piece
• Reverse rolling installation method for handling large pieces of tint by yourself
• Relief cuts and seamless installations for difficult rear windows
• Learn how to tint rear windows with black dot edges and rubber edges
• Proper cleaning techniques for flawless rear window applications

With limited class sizes, now is the time to make your reservation!
Call (905) 532 0333 to make your appointment

Window Tinting Services

Window Tinting Services is one of the fastest growing high profit products available in the auto aftermarket today!

Dollar for Dollar, there is No other product that will improve the looks of a wholesale or retail customer's auto than window film.

Demand for Qualified Distributors and Installers have always been high. In recent years, the industry has been unable to keep up with the exploding popularity of auto tinting!

With our Training program, you should be able to leave with fresh knowledge and skills needed to apply tinting to one or two autos a day, depending on the type of cars. This is a starting point that would take nine months or more to reach in a work apprentice program. Becoming a professional in this business is like learning to fly an airplane; like a pilot, after learning the correct techniques and methods you need to use them regularly getting better every time.

We can teach you in six days skills that can take you above and beyond all of your expectations


THERE ARE MANY HOURS of training on the different techniques and methods needed in tinting auto windows. From the basics of how to tint a roll up window to the different methods of heat forming compound curved windows.

TEACHING AND DISCUSSING The basics of how to open and set up an efficient shop, how and where to advertise, customer relations, etc.

A TRAINING MANUAL to take with you. The course is taught with this same manual. A great resource guide for years to come!

CHOICE OF DIFFERENT PACKAGES containing just the basic tools used in class or the complete set of tools and starter pack of window tinting (Contains everything you will need to get started tinting autos after your training).

ACCESS TO OUR HELP ADVICE LINE Toll free: 1 (888)-266-2003 or Tel: 905-532-0333 open 9am till 8pm Monday through Saturday (east coast). This gives most of the country ample opportunity to use this service late into the evening.

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